Where Next for Jackass?

Jackass 3D is out, Ryan Dunn is dead, and the Jackass crew are scattered across the world on various projects, from musical endeavours to roasting Charlie Sheen. So what happens now, and how can they get around the fact that Jackass has been going for so many years with very few changes to their formula?

Admittedly, Jackass is timeless – it doesn’t matter when the stunts and pranks took place, they’re still as hilarious and shocking as ever. They don’t push into the territory of shows like Dirty Sanchez, in which the stunts and pranks are a little too violent, too extreme, to count as a dirty version of You’ve Been Framed. There’s something comical and Three Stooges about the boys, and their passion for poo and falling into lakes.

Whether you’ve seen them occasionally in the cinema or on TV, or you’ve watched everything they’ve ever done and quote their lines to your partypoker FR buddies, their impact on television has been iconic, and Bam Margera’s been one of the biggest hitters on the show since it started, along with the late Dunn, Knoxville, and Steve-O, amongst others. But given that they’re all getting – dare I say it – older, what can we do? How can we keep them going well into the future?

It’s a tough gig, being part of Jackass, and it’s not going to be easy keeping things fresh, but perhaps by taking the show around the world, or doing live tours, it could be given a whole new lease of life. Perhaps even by introducing new members – but many would consider this borderline blasphemy given the familiarity viewers share when seeing the regulars all hurtle down a really steep hill in a giant shopping cart. In fact, bear with me – I’m just going to go and watch some Jackass.

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