Bamimation is an animated show Bam Margera tried to have produced for MTV. The animation was done by 6PH Studios, and starred much of the CKY crew, including Bam, his parents April and Phil, Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn, and Rake Yohn, all providing their own voices.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up, but here is the unaired pilot you can watch for free!

The pilot features Bam and friends trying to stop Rake from hooking up with his rank-pig-beast of a girlfriend “Scabriella”, by invading his body via a shrink-ray. Continue reading


Original Air Date: November 14, 2004

After an argument with Bam, Don Vito proclaims that anyone can become a rock star. Bam challenges both Vito and Phil to go through training to become full-fledged rock stars.

Special Guest Appearance by: Jimmy Pop (Bloodhound Gang), CKY, Ville Valo, HIM

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Tree Top Casino

Original Air Date: June 6, 2004

It’s Arbor Day, so Bam decides to knock down one of the tall trees in the backyard. April hears the noise from the house and comes outside to yell at Bam. He gets the idea to build a casino. Then Bam hangs Don Vito’s Honda Civic in the trees to test the durability of them for the casino. Vito comes out to see his car in the trees and freaks out. Then the casino gets built, and Bam calls it Fast Eddie’s Tree-Top Casino. During the Grand Opening, Bam hires professional wrestlers to fight in a ring below the casino. In the end, it becomes a Battle Royale that includes Phil, Don Vito, the wrestlers, and Bam.

Special Guest Appearance by: Leatherface, Executioner

Community Disservice

Original Air Date: May 30, 2004

Bam challenges April to do five things that will benefit the community. From Bam’s list, April chooses reading stories to the elderly, giving Phil a haircut, and, with the help of Don Vito and Phil, picking up trash from public spaces. On the other hand, Bam opts to build a crude concrete half-pipe for the kids in front of a hardware store, flips Don Vito’s car over so Phil can have a parking spot, uproots trees by running them over with his ATV and dumps the trash that April, Phil, and Don Vito collected into Don Vito’s house and Vito goes crazy.

Fat Boy Face Off

Original Air Date: May 9, 2004

Bam enters Phil and Don Vito in a competition he calls “The Fat Boy Face Off.” The contest includes hoagie racing, spinning in circles until dizzy, and an obstacle course called the “Slobstacle Course.” To their surprise, there is no prize, only destruction to their own personal property – and in the end the only winner is, of course, Bam.

Castle Bam

Original Air Date: April 25, 2004

Bam and the crew search for a new home and stumble upon a secluded house with acres of yard, complete with a unicorn mural painted on the side. Bam and the boys decide to abandon their unpacking duties and head to Amsterdam for a CKY show, leaving April and Phil to unpack and decorate the new house. Bam returns from Amsterdam and hates what April has done with the house. Bam proclaims, “New house, new rules!”

Special Guest Appearance by: Jess Margera

April’s Revenge

Original Air Date: December 7, 2003

Bam says he plans to take April, Phil, Don Vito and his friends out for a boating trip on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, but actually plans to leave April, Phil and Don Vito on an island 100 yards away from Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. Once arriving, April becomes suspicious and decides to turn the tables on her son by leaving Bam and his friends on the island. It then rains on the island and Bam ends up catching a cold. They also build a makeshift ramp out of wood and duct tape, build a fort using wood to try to keep the rain out, fart during a game of poker with Don Vito, have Glomb go skating naked, burn a cake, and eventually they escape from the island. The episode ends with a news anchor visiting April and telling her that her house has been blown up. April finds out that the house is still standing and forgives Bam, and Bam forgives April.

Paint Phil Blue and Other Stories

Original Air Date: November 23, 2003

April & Phil go on a three-day-weekend leaving Bam at home. While they’re away, Bam and his friends paint the kitchen and everything in it blue. Next, they build a secret underground tunnel into Don Vito’s house. Then, the boys steal April’s car and convert it into a hot rod. Lastly, Bam and his crew put Don Vito and Phil into a big plastic box and shoot random items into it by using a machine. They shoot honey, Corn Flakes, anchovies, money, worms, roaches and maggots. One of the worms crawls into Don Vito’s pants and dies. Afterwards, Don Vito gets honey poured on him, gets money stuck on him, and eats a hoagie.

Viva Las Vegas

Original Air Date: November 16, 2003

Bam decides to take Phil and April and his friends to Las Vegas to celebrate Phil and April’s wedding anniversary. Bam’s friends order Russian mail-order brides, see Elvis impersonators, Don Vito dyes his hair blue, and they all have a hotel room food fight. What isn’t seen on the DVD release or in reruns is a few extra guests who Bam invited: the Dudesons from Finland. If you look closely during the Vegas Hypnotist deleted scene and during the party at the end you can see them hanging out. They brought their own cameras with them to film for an episode of their own Finnish TV show.