Diva La Bam: Missy Rothstein Nude in Playboy!

As you may, or may not, have heard, Bam Margera’s girlfriend (and soon-to-be-wife) Missy Rothstein recently did some nude photos for Playboy magazine. It was for the mag’s “Celebrity Photographer” section and Bam was the photographer for the shoot.

The pics are tastefully done, but still Missy looks very sexy and poses fully naked (topless and bottomless). Bam also makes an appearance in some of the pictures. No, he is not nude, but he is shirtless, so I guess you can count that along with Missy being topless, if one were so inclined…

Here is a link to where you can see some of the censored pics of Missy Rothstein in Playboy.

You have to click through the links on that site and join to see her uncensored nude photographs, though. That is what I did. It only costs $3.95, which isn’t bad at all considering how hot that girl looks!