Original Air Date: November 14, 2004

After an argument with Bam, Don Vito proclaims that anyone can become a rock star. Bam challenges both Vito and Phil to go through training to become full-fledged rock stars.

Special Guest Appearance by: Jimmy Pop (Bloodhound Gang), CKY, Ville Valo, HIM

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Scavenger Hunt

Original Air Date: December 14, 2003

Bam, his friends, and the Bloodhound Gang embark on a scavenger hunt. The hunt begins with Bam purchasing three banged-up used cars. Next, he splits everyone up into three teams, with the Bloodhound Gang forming the fourth team. The teams jump into their cars and race around town collecting bizarre items, as well as performing grotesque tasks needed to win the scavenger hunt. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Bam and his crew have been kicked out of the township for all they’ve done this season.

Special Guest Appearances by: Bloodhound Gang, Tim O’Connor, Jason Ellis