Bam on the River

Original Air Date: August 7, 2005

Bam and his crew decide to go to the Delaware Rehoboth Lagoon with Don Vito. Bam places a bet with Vito that if they don’t make it down there by two days, Vito can have Bam’s pool for the summer.

Special Guest Appearance by: Gnarkill, Nice Girls (the MAXIMillions)

2 thoughts on “Bam on the River

  1. this episode sorta ruined the experience for me, dont get me wrong its a great show, jus sorta introduced the “acting” side of the show for me. know wat im talking about? when ape and phil “get worried” and hire the life guard to go look for them up the river, when in the background you can clearly see the hotdog boat tied up behind them lol

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