Bam’s Unholy Union Premieres Tonight!

Bam Margera’s new show, entitled Bam’s Unholy Union, premieres tonight on MTV at 9:30PM EST.

The show follows Bam on his journey towards his wedding with girlfriend, Missy Rothstein. You can also expect appearances from Phil and April, as well as Brandon DiCamillo and some of the other CKY crew.

Make sure you watch it and leave your thoughts on the forums!

7 thoughts on “Bam’s Unholy Union Premieres Tonight!

  1. I hope bam is happy with missy becase he sould be i love him hes a cool guy and if marring missy mackes him happy im happy for him even if i dont like her i like him so ya…

  2. Bam is sexy but im glad he is getting married to missy! i would love to meet him some time… bam is so crazy an hott i wish i was that lucky to meet someone like him!!!!!

  3. bam is not the hottest guy ever take a look at leland chapman he the hottest guy ever

  4. kay 2007 bam is not the hottest guy ever he has a mole on his face he is cute but he aint all that . k?

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