Bam vs. The Net Gun

Bam Margera tries to do a full-speed rail slide as Johnny Knoxville hunts him with a gun that shoots a net at full-speed. Bam’s head gets introduced to the office wall…at full-speed!

From Jackass World:

Although the “Mentos & Cola Ass Enema (on Rollerskates)” took top billing this week, the first thing we shot with Bam Margera on the afternoon he was in the office involved a “net gun.” None of us were all too sure how this gadget was going to work, but Bam and Johnny Knoxville figured it was worth a shot using it in conjunction with our in-office slider bar, a/k/a “Frankenstein,” a nickname earned after repeated attempts by JxPx Blackmon to breathe skateable life into this creation of his. In the end, while the net gun did prove effective in impeding Bam?s mobility, the metal-edged doorframe to Wolfie?s office was ultimately the most effective way of stopping him in his tracks.

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