Bam Margera’s Live Jackass World Video Chat

Here is an interview with Bam Margera from Jackass World. Rick Kosick starts out the interview but then Johnny Knoxville comes in and takes over. Bam says he likes the taste of his own pee!

From Jackass World:

For those of you that may have missed Bam Margera?s hour-long live chat session a few weeks back, here?s an edited version of his appearance. In brief, Rick Kosick opens the show, checks out the status of Bam?s “hologram of dicks” brand, but is then quickly replaced by Johnny Knoxville. Knoxville, who is wielding a long iron pipe for no apparent reason, talks about his torn urethra and the trials and tribulations of having a catheter stuck in his pee-pee. The two then recount their “Stingmore Mine” episode on jackass number two before going back further in time to memories of their first stunts. Here we learn that Bam fell off a roof at the age of six and loved the painful sensation, and that Knoxville was a fat fucking baby who hated crib life. And now, as Kosick would say, “Outro.”

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  1. nice but i just goin to say sry about the webcam i try to reaspond couldnt

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