Missy Rothstein

Melissa “Missy” Rothstein was born June 3, 1980, in Springfield, Pennsylvania, to parents Marian and David. They were married in 1974 and were together until his death of a sudden heart attack in January 2001.

Missy met Bam Margera at Stetson Middle School in Springfield when a friend asked Missy if she wanted to go with her to watch her boyfriend skate. Although he was dedicated to his skateboarding and rarely in town, Bam remained friends with Missy, who graduated West Chester East High School in 1998 and attended Penn State University, where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in communications.

Along the way, she’s worked a lot of jobs, starting as a babysitter at 12-years-old. She’s also been a waitress in a friend’s restaurant, a sandwich maker, a hostess, a busgirl and a Dairy Queen cashier. After college, she looked into public relations work and interviewed for several positions, but found nothing interesting enough to pursue.

In 2001, Bam thought of his friend Missy for a part in the movie, Haggard. During the experience, they fell for one another and dated for three months. When Bam and his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Rivell, decided to reconcile, Missy’s heart was broken.

After not speaking for two years, Bam and Missy were both single, and again sparks flew when they ran into one another. After three months, they moved in together; seven months later they were engaged.

Missy got her real estate license and worked for a while with ReMax, but needed more flexibility than the job offered to accommodate Bam’s travel schedule and now does graphics for Lane Signs. Her interests are reading all kinds of books (her favorite is The Witching Hour), loves the sounds (faves are Depeche Mode and Johnny Cash) and loves shopping and hanging out with her girlfriends. She also hopes someday to do volunteer work with the Make A Wish Foundation.

But there are more immediate concerns. After the wedding, Missy wants to dedicate herself to being the best cook for her husband and making beautiful babies!


In late 2006, Missy did a photoshoot for Playboy Magazine with Bam Margera as the photographer. It was for the mag’s special celebrity photographer section. Missy went completely nude for the shoot (topless and bottomless).

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  1. Hello,

    Maybe someone could help me out. We are having a Relay for life a cancer fundraiser and i was wondering on how to get in touch with Bam or someone who knows him.
    I was wondering if he would be generous enough to maybe donate some of his things or maybe even make an appearence since we are only in New Jersey. To raise money for Cancer.


  2. HI,

    Hey missy, i think your a very beautiful girl and you and bam look so wonderful together. i hope you guys a great life together and i also wanted to know when i can get the dvd for Bams unholy union. I loved the show. you guys are halarious. I have all the seasons and im looking forward to when it comes out.


  3. Hi Missy
    you are great for Bam. I wish I could meet you and bam. I wish you all the joy for you two in your lives togeather. Do you and Bam really read all of what people write to you and bam?


  4. hey missy you and bam r great together well at least he isn’t doing anything stupid or is he lol ha ha ha well i have to go sk8te right now trying to get sponserd peaces

    always babyloc

  5. missy’s rate funny (:
    i quite like it when she’s in the episode (: u and Bam are like so good togetherr (: x

  6. hey. my name is kelly. i just wanted to let you know that u and bam r perfect for each other. i wish i could be so lucky. congratulations.

  7. She’s definately a keeper bam.lol. So when r u planning a tour in Ottawa,Ontario,canada? Let me know.

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