Off With Her Shirt

Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein continue planning their wedding, Bam hires his uncles to build steps for his hot tub, and the couple gets an offer from Playboy Magazine for Missy to pose nude and Bam to be a guest photographer.

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7 thoughts on “Off With Her Shirt

  1. u no somthin why does he like her she is a flat chested ugly freek … and she is a brunett…. im a bloun and a 38c im not fat chested

  2. ^^ He likes her because she writes in complete sentences, doesn’t misspell words, diss other women, or scream her breast size over the internet.

  3. because she isnt an obsessive little bitch who has completely hopeless dreams. and shes good looking

  4. watz up my peeps? shit, bam is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! right, we all know that. and yeah, missy is a bitch, but shes a hot bitch with nice tits. hell, id say shes lucky.

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