Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to you all!!! By now you all know what a pathetic turd Brandon Novak is. Here is a lovely soft American Apparel T-shirt that is a celebration of that very fact. Novaks’ song goes like this……

on the 12th day of Christmas, Novak gave to me…..

12 Types of Hep,
11 Overdoses,
10 Tries at rehab,
9 Mingers Mingin,
8 Dirty Whores,
7 Butts Licked,
6 Kissed Dicks,
5 Zanny bars,
4 dirty Needles,
3 Smokes left,
2 Bags of Boog,
and I lost Bams’ Brand New Watch!

Wow. And that is a true story! This time of year is a time for joyousness, so lets all try to remember how disgusting and sad Brandon Nudie Novak is. He is the guy who already HAS everything, and will try to give it to you.

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