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Where the $&% is Santa? DVD

Check out the website Warner Home Video created for my new DVD: Bam
Margera Presents: Where the $&% is Santa?:


You can also buy the new DVD on Tuesday December 2nd at the following places:

Baker & Taylor
Best Buy
Hollywood Video
Movie Gallery

and also click link below for website updates:


NEW!!!!Novak Shopping list t-shirt, Duds!!!!Each signed by BAM!!!!

Yo, Mons!!! We’ve got a brand spankin’ new shirt!! Based on the painting I made of shitty Novak’s crappy grocery list!
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Bam & Seth

Bam Margera on Howard Stern

Bam Margera, Missy Rothstein Margera, and Brandon Novak on the Howard Stern Show

Bam Margera, his wife Missy Rothstein Margera and Brandon Novak made an appearance on the Howard Stern show yesterday to promote the coming December release of Where the Fuck is Santa straight to DVD.

Novak, proving he will do anything for money, performed gay sex acts on Richard Christy’s butt for $250.

Bam admitted to Howard that he once tried to have a threesome with Missy and the lead singer of the band HIM, Ville Valo, but Missy refused. Bam also said he recently lost his wedding ring after a night of drunken fooling around at a metal show in Philadelphia. Missy replied that she cried for a week after she found out, and is still upset about it.

Bam Margera will be hosting HowardTV’s The Most Outrageous Stern Show Moments of 2008.

Here is link to MP3 audio from the show. Pictures are up on Howard Stern’s Official Website. It also airs tonight on HowardTV.

Where The $&% Is Santa trailer

Warner Brothers released the “Where The $&% Is Santa” trailer. If you have trouble viewing it on quicktime format, you can also watch it in WMV and FLV file. Simply copy one of the 3 links below to watch. Or check out the blog on his myspace page. Enjoy!

Where The $&% Is Santa – Trailer (Quicktime format)

Where The $&% Is Santa – Trailer (Windows Media Format)

Where The $&% Is Santa – Trailer (Flash Format)